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Katrina has a crush on her boss Mr. Dera, so she can't help but eavesdrop on him fucking his wife. When Mrs. Dera discovers Katrina masturbating outside her husband's office she storms off, leaving Mr. Dera to decide how he should discipline his hot, young intern.

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It was a wonderful day to spend outdoors. The red fruit juice was flowing, the bagels were baking, and my stomach was growling. The only way my lazy Sunday could be better was if I called in a favor to have some wacky porn whore delivered to my door in 30 minutes or less. Katrina Isis wants to make it big in porn the same way all these other girls want fame and fortune. Little do they know that it's not all it's cracked up to be. You can't make an omelet without cracking some eggs. Wow, I feel like steak and eggs as I watch this scene. Fellas, there's a certain point in this scene where you can see Katrina's soul escape her body. Be on the lookout.

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Katrina Isis - The Minion

My nose candy has been giving me violent shakes. I believe it's affecting my eyesight or I would have never had Pinnochio's sister, Katrina Isis, come over and play with mini-me. This bitch could poke holes in the ground with that beak she calls a nose but it's her wet mouth that got me interested. She knew where her bread was buttered............mmm, bread. She was on her knees faster than a black guy dodging police bullets during Hurricane Katrina. I couldn't wait to drop my gooey, thick load so I could get my eyes checked since I went head-to-head with this beast.

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Like all little sluts who have only had white dick, they all want to be my friend and hang out with me because I'm known as THE Black Cock Slut. Katrina Angel is no exception. I told her the only way she can be my friend is to get rammed with a big black anonymous cock in a nasty fucking adult bookstore gloryhole. He tiny-dick white boyfriend will be so pissed after he sees how she took this gigantic black cock. What a dirty nasty slut.

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Rico Strong runs a "chop shop". He'll take a freshly stolen car, change up VIN numbers, create a fake "pink slip", and insurance papers, turning a hot piece of property into something legit. Katrina Jade is a car thief, and she knows of Rico's business. Katrina just ripped off a late-model Camaro, and she knows -- once it's got a new VIN, pink sheet and plates -- that she's gonna make a good score. What she doesn't know is Rico's services aren't free. And she doesn't have the cash to make her car legit. Rico puts it bluntly: "go upstairs and pay the man before I can help you!" Katrina's next problem? There's eight of "the man", and they all want to use her mouth any way they choose. Katrina's never sucked off so many black bulls before, but she'll make it happen...and swallow all eight loads before cashing in on the goods.

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Honestly, there isn't a bigger slut on the planet than Katrina Jade. Why do you think she has the large "slut" tattoo on her ass? One reason: she enjoys walking the beaches of Southern California in a thong bikini so she can show it off. Katrina's constantly on the prowl for a random hookup. Look at her today! Showing up at an adult bookstore and literally running to the preview booths where all the action is! Katrina's so slutty she'll even flirt with the creep behind the counter before shaking her ass all the way to the "hole". Once there, she's the one calling out to other previews booths that there's a few wet, warm holes available! Sure, it's OK to fuck her bareback, and it's OK to fill her ripe cunt to the brim, cause that's how Katrina Jade rolls!

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Katrina is a perfect example of a girl who comes from a fucked up household. If she knew any better, which she doesn't, then Katrina would know that unsafe sex in public is a double whammy. Factor in the taboo subject of interracial mixing up and the recipe is dysfunction at its finest. Katrina's encounter would make the newspapers if she was caught but that would not be. She makes use of the privacy by rubbing, massaging, and caressing her labia until it gets wetter than the toilet her ass is resting over. The infamous glory hole takes in a black cock that Katrina is initially hesitant to inhale. A real brief inspection eases her worries and Hurricane Katrina makes another black man a victim

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